Cool! Roommate Still in Bathroom

In a feat of very cool endurance, Kara Bowman’s roommate, Angela Gelber, is still in the bathroom even though it’s been 45 minutes and Bowman is now late for work.


Roommates are overwhelmed with the level of chill energy in the space as they wait to use the bathroom.


“She does this most mornings,” says Kara about this very cool event. “Usually it’s 25 minutes, but today is definitely her longest, most indulgent shower to date. I just need to brush my teeth!”


Despite Kara knocking on the bathroom twice over the course of 20 minutes, Angela has reportedly responded with a simple, “One sec!”


Still, one question remains amongst Angela’s roommates: what in God’s name is she doing in there?


“I guess she just likes the way the hot water feels,” says Kara. “But it’s now been an hour which is a long time to just be, like, standing under some hot water.”


“There is no world in which a shower ever needs to be this long,” says Carl Vohn, their third roommate. “The only way it would make sense for a shower to last this long is if she shaved both her legs then regretted it and decided to reattach all her leg hairs that went down the drain.”



Still, Angela, who has now been in the bathroom for an hour and ten minutes, shows no signs of leaving the comfort of the place that has become her second bedroom.


When reached for comment, Angela responded with “Be out in a minute!” before returning to her never-ending Monday morning soak.


Very cool! Keep rockin’, and by rockin’, we mean destroying your roommates’ entire day!