“I Am Coming:” Enunciating Your Dirty Talk

A good sexual relationship involves clear communication between partners, and nothing gets in the way more than muddled, incoherent dirty talk. Make sure your man knows what you really mean by getting that sibilance in check!

“I’m coming” versus “I am coming”

There is nothing a man likes more than a declarative sentence, and there is no better way to show him you are worth it than by getting rid of contractions in your dirty talk. You went to college!

“Go deeper!” versus “Go deeper than you currently are!”

Superlatives are only as sexy as their specificity. The more specific you are, the more precise (i.e. sexy) your sex will be.


“Suck my tiddies” versus “Suck my tiTTies”

What are you, a toddler? Make sure you emphasize those “Ts” – dropping consonants  makes your statement less clear and is honestly just so trashy. “Tiddy” is not a word, and you both know it!

“I wanna ride your dick” versus “I want to ride your dick”

Auxiliary verbs are an aphrodisiac! The sound of a verb clause being carefully and clearly joined together without your lazy, unattractive slurring will drive him wild. There’s more “active” imagery in your words than your vintage pornography collection.

“Raw dog it” versus “Raw dog my vagina, please”

It’s difficult to be both clear and meaningful during intercourse, so firstly, use a great metaphor like this one. But be sure to specify the person, place or thing you would like your significant other to raw dog – this is one situation where you don’t want a misplaced modifier, ladies!