How To Talk Dirty Instead of Saying ‘I Have a Really Bad Yeast Infection’


Talking dirty can enhance your sexual life and free you up in the bedroom. Being vocal about your needs will open you up to your partner and will let him know how to scratch that itch (your sexual urges, not your itchy vulva). Here’s how to talk dirty instead of saying, “I have a realllllly bad yeast infection.”


Start Slow

If you’re not used to being vocal in bed, build your confidence by starting slow. Moan a little more than usual to show him you are turned on. Make sure what you’re doing builds naturally so you stay comfortable. Saying “yes” and “mmmm yeah” can be affirming for him, and definitely better than saying, “I have a really nasty yeast infection so this is all pretty uncomfortable actually.” No matter – just sigh in his ear!


Use Your Words

Don’t try to get too complicated to fast, but you can begin to introduce other words in your vocabulary. Never underestimate the power of giving him directions to increase your pleasure. Let him know if what he’s doing is good by saying “faster” and “harder”, not “that’s so hot… no really this burns due to a horrible fungus growing in my vagina.” Now things are getting steamy!



The first time you try to talk dirty might feel weird and forced, but as time goes on, you’ll learn what turns you on and your partner on. Over time, he’ll learn through your directions that you want to be dominated and not that you have thick white discharge because of this vaginal infection.



Talk About It First

If the act of talking dirty makes you nervous, feel free to express that to your partner beforehand. But definitely don’t be vocal about the crazy smell emanating from your fungus vag!


Here are ways to talk dirty instead of shouting, “Ah, my pee is burning, I have a very bad yeast infection.” Try these out on your guy and then maybe you should go see a doctor, it sounds like this yeast infection is really bad! Yikes! Good luck!