How To Support Him Focusing on Himself This Year

A new year is the perfect time to determine what you want to achieve over the next 12 months. And for many of you, your main goal will be to find new and creative ways to help your boyfriend focus on himself this year. If you’re looking on ways to improve your focus on his focus on himself, here’s how take it to the next level this year:


Wake Him Up Early

Waking up by 7 o’clock will improve his productivity and quality of life. Early risers get things done and stay focused all day. And that’s exactly what you should be helping him do! So wake him up early, then go back to sleep, because he needs the space to himself in order to focus on his day. This is your year to make this his year!


Create a Vision Board For Him

Vision boards are effective visualization tools that serve as reminders of your hopes and dreams. Cut out pics from old magazines, then spend a couple hours creating a visual representation of what he wants for himself this year. Use your time to do this, because he’s really busy right now doing something else for himself. As he should be!


Make His Health Your Priority

We all know health is important, so this year, make his health your #1 priority. Buy him clothes that he’ll want to wear to the gym, make him a smoothie in your Nutribullet, and make sure to stretch him out after his long runs. This is the year you’re finally going to make prioritizing him a priority!



Read To Him Every Day

Maybe it’s a goal of yours to read two books every month, but this year, let him try it! Instead of reading for personal pleasure and self-betterment, read him the books he wants to hear out loud as he falls asleep. Don’t choose books you also want to hear, because that’s not supportive. That’s selfish! This is his year to grow, not yours!


Teach Him a New Language

He wants to learn a second language this year, so why not teach him French? Buy him textbooks and converse with him in French! Sure, you have no need to learn or speak French, but this year is about him learning French. Maybe next year will be your year!


Use these tips to support him focusing on himself this year, since this is his year and not yours. And if you think this should be your year instead of his…don’t you think you’re being kind of selfish? Honestly, though. What’s your problem?