5 Condoms To Keep on Hand Since It’s Your Job To Normalize Any Dick Size Put Forth

It’s important to keep condoms on hand so you’re prepared for any occasion – and you can’t just have one type. After all, keeping condoms around is your job. It is also your job to view, assess and conclude which condom is best when he whips it out, so keep all protection options in your bedside table. Here are five condoms to keep on hand since it’s your responsibility to normalize any dick size put forth!


Durex Extra Sensitive

This condom is ultra fine and extremely sensitive, perfect for thicker penises with standard length. So if this happens to be his size, roll this condom on and get ready to feel like he’s totally naked down there! Make sure you stock up on these, since you have no idea what size dick that guy’s walking in with. It is your job to have every option on hand, so he feels like his dick is normal and perfect!


Trojan Magnum XL

Have these in stock, because you never know if a huge peen is going to enter your abode! This condom is 30% larger than the standard condom, making it larger than the original Trojan. You should definitely make sure you have a drawer full of these, so when he takes out his monster dick you can flash him a quick thumbs up and roll one of these onto it. It’s so cool of you to tiptoe around his inability to prepare for this moment in advance!


Lifestyles Snugger Fit

Designed to hug your guy’s smaller penis, this condom will make him feel more pleasure during intercourse. If you don’t have a condom ready for a below-averaged peen, he might start to think you don’t like him? Keep these on hand in bulk since it is absolutely up to you to make him feel constantly incredible and also never, ever responsible for his own condom use!



Pasante Super King

Made in England, this condom boasts being the widest condom on the market. It is your duty to spot a dick that has a girth of 5.9 inches without looking like you’re determining his size. Yay, let’s make him feel good about his completely off-the-bell-curve penis!


Glyde Maxi

This condom is 100% vegan, because not only must you make him feel amazing about his dumb dick, but also cater to his dietary restrictions! This is your job now!!


Here are five condoms to keep loads of since it is up to you to make him feel like the dick size he puts forth rocks. And, if you can’t tell what size his penis is after one glance, you aren’t a woman! Sorry, bitch!!