Bravo Greenlights New Reality Series Based on Kim Kardashian iPhone Game

Following the success of the Kim Kardashian game for iPhone, Bravo executives greenlit a new reality series based on the game. The show will feature all your favorite divas from the Kardashian/Jenner clan as they compete for the highest score in a game based on their own lives.


The show will follow the Kardashian family, who will cohabitate in a one-floor house with no rooms or windows. As they advance in the game, they’re awarded real-life amenities such as beds, food, and life on the so-called “A-list”. Each member of the family is allowed an iPhone with a single app: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.



Producers suggest that the conflict will arise early as tensions grow over the fact that the app is named after Kim and not one of the other members of the family. “Oh, that’ll definitely hold us over for a couple of episodes,” she said in a recent interview. “And I’m sure we’ll have a few cracked phone screens to deal with.”


In addition to footage of the family drama, the series will use dramatic reenactments as a narrative device to underscore the emotional reality of America’s royal family. Since the game, focuses on the experience of a young woman trying to make it in the entertainment industry, the family members will play themselves in reenactments of critical moments from their own pasts, such as the development of the iPhone game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. These interludes will add dimension to each episode’s pacing, while also revealing fun information about your favorite characters.


The Kim Kardashian Game Game premieres this fall on Bravo.