Celebrity Sheet Thread Counts Revealed! 

kim kardashian kanye west

We all wonder what celebrities are doing between the sheets, but our other big question is, “What about the sheets themselves?! Are they comfy?” We’ve gone under cover to let you know about your favorite star’s covers. Because if you can’t look, eat, or socialize like a celebrity, at least you can sleep like one! Check out the thread counts these stars are rocking:


Kim Kardashian: 400. They may look like 1000 thread count, but that’s only because they’re heavily photoshopped! Sources say Kardashian’s sheets are interwoven with gold and cost the couple over 14 thousand dollars a set!


James Franco: 18+. James Franco is sure to make sure his sheets are at least 18 count before snuggling up with them. But that’s about as far as he’s willing to go.


Justin Bieber: 300. This tightly woven thread count blocks out the sunlight for when you need a little time hiding from your own demons or Orlando Bloom.


Jennifer Lawrence: 599. Supposedly, 600 is the “perfect” thread count, but that one less thread makes JLaw’s sheets unique and subtly flawed, as if they’re saying, “oops did I just fall off the bed? I’m so soft!!!”


Beyonce: None. The Queen doesn’t need sheets, because she projects her own heat wherever she goes.


Leo Dicaprio: Unknown. We were unable to obtain and study Dicaprio’s sheets, as they were constantly taken as souvenirs by the beautiful, naked women that rotated through his bedroom.