Eva Mendes’ Unborn Child Launches New Lifestyle Blog

Eager to stay at the forefront of relevancy, Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling’s unborn child has started a new lifestyle blog, “Géstate.” In the same vein as Blake Lively’s recently launched “Preserve” and pal Gwyneth Paltrow’s “GOOP,” the website will feature everyday tips alongside glimpses into the life of a celeb; but Géstate will be through the unique—albeit murky— perspective of a developing fetus.


The future Baby Mendes-Gosling has already contributed articles such as “The Benefits Of In-Utero Yoga,” “Kicking Mommy,” and “Are You Adequately Prepared For Breathing Oxygen With Your Own Lungs?” via a surrogate blogger. The latter got 900,000 pageviews on the day it launched, demonstrating that there is a clear market for fetal lifestyle literature.


The blog has already generated buzz among the post-partum community: “Géstate has been a real crutch for me through my experiences of early motherhood,” says Nina Patel, who recently gave birth to twins. “Before I read ‘Uterus Detox,’ I never knew that unborn babies could do cleanses inside the womb. Now I know why I had all those fainting spells!”



The lifestyle site has been hit with its fair share of backlash: Some think Géstate is divulging too many secrets from what should be a very private experience in the womb. Others are speculating that it’s physically impossible for a developing unborn human baby to pen long essays on the merits of a slip-n-slide birth. Even so, Géstate has incited more intrigue than outrage, and has already helped bring fetal lifestyle products to a mainstream audience.


It’s unclear how long Eva’s little one can keep up with this kind of demand, especially considering a typical pregnancy only lasts around 38 weeks. But one thing’s for sure: When this fetus tells us which up-cycled ultrasound accessories will turn heads, we’ll be listening!