Brave! This Woman Is Already Trying To Embrace Fall Fashion Even Though It’s Making Her Sweat A Lot

Lucia Dawson is blowing other fall fashionistas out of the water with her disregard for our warming climate! Despite several 80 degree days in the last few weeks, Lucia has managed to unveil all her new fall fashion finds, including chunky knits, corduroy overalls, ankle boots, and a tweed blazer, even though it’s making her sweat a lot.


“It’s super sweaty, but I’ll be damned if the calendar doesn’t say fall,” explains Lucia, who is a self-described fall fashion fanatic. This morning she pulled wool socks up over her pants and headed out into the blazing sun. Wow! You rock, Lucia!


Lucia says the weather isn’t always against her. “I was able to wear my new lined raincoat in the drizzle the other day.”


Friends balked at her audacity.


“It was almost 90 degrees and humid,” says Amanda Lovelett. “My tank top was sticking to me. I don’t know why she would wear those tall rain boots. She’s insane.”


Lucia has also donned an array of hats and scarves.



“Yesterday she turned to me and said, ‘brrr’ before throwing on a poncho and heading outside on her lunchbreak,” says coworker, Amy Spindle. “It was in the 70s. Who does she think she’s fooling?”


“I just love layering!” explains Lucia.


Who doesn’t?!


Lucia continues to flaunt wardrobe protocol. “I’ve been eyeing some winter coats,” she says. “The big puffy goose down ones. I think I can get a few wears in by the end of this month if I’m lucky.”


You go, girl!