Wow! This 102-Year-Old Woman Refuses to Die Until She Hits Her Goal Weight

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For most people, living past the age of 100 is an accomplishment in itself. But Edith Miller is still reaching for the stars. That’s right—this 102-year-old woman simply refuses to die until she finally hits her goal weight.


“I just feel that my work here on earth isn’t done,” Miller explains. “But once I’m down to 115 pounds, I’m pretty much out of here.”


Now that’s what we call willpower!


Miller’s daughter, Susan Callaway, can’t believe her mother’s determination.


“Most of her friends have passed away. And she’s not doing so great, either,” she says. “I love my mom, but even I’m starting to think it’s time to let go.”


Miller disagrees, like the badass bitch she is!


“I’ve lived in nine cities, had multiple husbands, and changed a lot through my life. The only thing that has stayed constant is my deep desire to weigh 115 pounds.”


In spite of deteriorating health and mobility, Miller is still doing her best to hit her goal weight.



“I’ve known Edith for over 50 years,” her friend Helen Davis says. “And she’s just doing what she always does: go on and on about eating healthy and getting exercise, then basically doing nothing.”


Even doctors are impressed by Miller’s attitude.


“It’s a marvel that she’s lived to be 102, and her spirit is just amazing,” says Dr. Kenneth Reyes. “Last year she got a terrible flu that led to a bout of pneumonia, which for most patients her age would be very scary. But Edith just grinned at me and said, ‘This might just be exactly what I need to hit my goal!’”


Miller feels confident that she’ll be able to hit it before her next birthday.


“If I stop snacking and really make sure I take walks around my neighborhood, I think I can do it,” she says. “And then I’ll be able to eat some birthday cake!”