Wow! This Woman Ate Just One Small Bite Of A Bagel Fifteen Times

Geena Lewis has been watching her carbs lately, which is why it was even more remarkable that just this week, she possessed the unprecedented willpower to eat just one small bite of a bagel fifteen times.


“There were free bagels in my office, which is usually a huge trigger for me,” says Geena. “But I’ve been trying really hard to stick with my low-carb diet so I just took one small bite and that was it!”


Lewis then took fifteen more small bites until she eventually ate the whole bagel.


“I did eat the whole bagel but it over the course of one hour and each time I said, ‘I’m just going to have a bite’ out loud so everyone could hear so it really was like I was being healthy. I feel good.”


What incredible willpower, Geena! We’re speechless!


“She kept walking over to the bagels, saying, ‘I just want a tiny piece,’” says one coworker. “Then she came back 15 more times until the bagel was gone. She also kept leaving the sliced up bagel in the basket as if anyone was going to eat the remnants?”


Lewis is always trying out new diets and adjusting her lifestyle accordingly.



“Last week I was doing the Whole 30,” she says. “So I’d just only eat stuff like French fries and ice cream at night when I was drunk. And actually yesterday I bought this huge sandwich and was full after one half. So I put away the second half for lunch the next day! Then I ate the second half a half-hour later for no reason but, you know, whatever.”


In addition to eating just one small bite of a bagel fifteen times, Lewis went back and ate a second bagel but ate it while she walked home, so it didn’t count!


Wow. Thanks for a setting a good example for us all!