Wow! This Man Was Able To Respond Exclusively With ‘Haha Yeah’ To Over 9000 Consecutive Texts

Jason Park is a man of few words, but that doesn’t stop him from staying actively engaged with his friends: As of this week, Jason has replied to over 9,000 consecutive text messages with the response, “Haha yeah.”


It doesn’t matter if he’s being shown funny videos, given information about mutual acquaintances, or being asked if his mother is okay after her cancer scare, whatever the text, his response is as reliable as ever.


When asked about the rationale behind his signature response, Jason laughed, saying, “haha yeah!”


What a time saver!



In spite of an initial desire to hear more from him, Jason’s friends have grown accustomed to his responses.


“Sometimes it gets boring and makes it seem like he isn’t really paying attention,” says his girlfriend, Lisa. “But at least he’s answering the question of whether he can make it to dinner or whatever. Some other guys I’ve dated would never respond.”


Wow! Jason is an inspiration to men everywhere!


“Haha yeah,” says Jason.