Wow! This Woman Has Had The Same Job Tab Open for The Past Four Years

For many people, commitment is a challenge, but for Austin resident, Lola Lagala, it’s just a way of life. Lagala logged onto the career website four years ago, and has yet to close the job search tab. Incredible!


“I’ve contemplated closing out of it a bunch of times,” Lagala says. “But every time I slide my cursor over the ‘X,’ I think, ‘But I do need a job,’ so I just keep it open.”


Lola has been a temp at a hedge fund for the past six years, but is still not entirely sure what a hedge fund is. Though her position has an option to become permanent soon, she says she’s still thinking about applying to other positions. And with that one tab lingering on her browser, she’s off to an amazing start!


“I really hate my job,” she explains. “That’s why I logged onto the job search site in the first place. But I also really hate the whole process of applying to jobs and fear that the next job might even be worse than this one. By keeping that tab open, I’m keeping my options open.”


Some of the jobs listed on Lola’s open tab include a receptionist position for a luxury spa, a personal assistant position for a retired businesswoman interested in mentoring female candidates, and an entry-level position for a company worth $1.4 billion.


“I know those jobs have probably been filled in the last four years,” Lagala admits. “But, I don’t know, it can’t hurt to eventually send a resume, right?”



Yes, girl!


This job search tab isn’t the only one Lagala is keeping open.


“I have a tab open to join a gym in my neighborhood. That’s been open for almost two years now,” she says. “Also, about fifty tabs of recipes I think I’ll make but never will. And of course I have to pay off my credit card bill, but that tab logged me out ages ago. My computer runs really, really slow.”


A woman who dares to prize process over product? Incredible! Keep those tabs open, Lola!