Anna Didn’t Tip The Barista, Interesting

In a peculiar story out of Eugene, Oregon, it appears that 29-year-old Anna Dupree didn’t tip the barista at the cafe she just exited. Hm, interesting!


“I just don’t really see the point in giving someone extra money for doing their job,” said Anna. “Like, all she did was make me a four-shot oat milk mocha with extra foam. Is that so hard?”


Anna, who has never worked in food service or any kind of service job for that matter, went on to explain her perspective.


“It isn’t my job to supplement someone’s income just because they’re providing me with a skilled service to satiate my caffeine addiction and doing so with a smile at 6:30am,” said Anna. “She didn’t have to take this job.”


“Also, they don’t tip in Europe!” she added, even though she lives in Oregon.


Anna’s friends find this super, super interesting.


“Anna is an attorney,” said Wanda Roerley. “An extra dollar a day isn’t gonna break her bank. She’s being really petty.”


“She sure tips her bartenders after a few proseccos,” added Jan Houghton. “And they’re literally just pouring wine into a glass. The barista is actually doing more work for her, so I don’t really get the difference?”


“They’re both helping enable her casual addictions,” Jan added. “Plus they get paid the minimum wage and work for tips to survive? It’s just so interesting that she doesn’t see that.”


But Anna will not be swayed.



“Tipping is optional,” she said. “And it’s my choice as to whether I give an extra few cents to the woman who sees me coming from down the block and has my drink ready for me by the time I reach the counter.”


Huh, that’s something.


“Maybe one day she’ll get a real job,” Anna added, finishing the real mocha in her hands.