How to Find a Feminist Boyfriend Who Doesn’t Talk to Other Women

With summer fling season right around the corner, the competition to find a real-deal boyfriend is fierce. Being the intelligent and independent feminist you are, you deserve a man who respects you and your concerns as a woman—but only yours and nobody else’s! Here are the best ways to find a feminist boyfriend who is aware of women’s issues but never, ever speaks to other women.


Use dating apps.

In a world full of misogyny, it’s a relief how easy dating apps make it to find a male feminist who supports the plight of women! These great guys self-prescribe feminism in a way that makes it clear they have zero interest in any female other than you. By searching for a man who makes it clear that the only woman he ever texts with is his mom, you can be confident he’ll never cheat on you. Yay, equality!


Go shopping!

It might surprise you but there are some hot feminist men working at clothing stores. Seriously, you can find a fella here that is such an ardent supporter of women’s rights, he will refuse to make eye contact with a single woman in the store. Wow! Visit him at work every day so he never feels the pressure to talk to another female customer!



Take a women’s studies class.

When in doubt, sign up for a women’s studies class! The men you’ll find there are so well-versed in feminist theory that they’ll want to talk about it with you––and only you! Your perfect guy will know that any interaction he has with a woman who isn’t you is oppressive and patriarchal. Finally you’ll have a perfect boyfriend willing to fight for your reproductive rights—but not too much because he also refuses to think about other vaginas. Boyfriend hack!


It may be tough to find a feminist man but it’s even tougher to find one who’s only feminist for you! But with these tips, we guarantee you’ll find a boyfriend who’s “He For She” in the sheets and “He For Me And Only Me” in the streets!