REPORT: That One Bee is For Sure Following You

In a developing story out of metro Atlanta, it has been reported that wherever you go, that one bee is for sure following you.


“I was sitting in the park and this one bee kept buzzing around me,” you say while looking around, paranoid, as your friends enjoy the sunshine. “So I moved my blanket to a totally different area and I’m almost positive the exact same bee followed me here.”


The bee, who may just have it out for your brightly colored shorts or thinks you smell sweet, is by no means backing down.


“It keeps landing on my water – why does it keep landing on my water?” you frantically ask as your one friend drifts to a peaceful sleep in the beautiful weather. “And right on the rim, too. Guess my water is the bee’s now.”



While your friend pulls out her sandwich for the nice picnic you were supposed to have, you can’t stop holding up your hands in some sort of inexplicable karate chop formation, waiting for the bee’s next attack, forgetting about eating entirely. That bee simply refuses to give up haunting you.


“Like, can we just leave?” you finally ask, fully standing up now and half running around your blanket as the bee continues loudly buzzing ruthlessly right next to your ear, while your friend scrolls through Instagram in a state of ignorant bliss.


Sources confirm that though you finally left the park, the bee definitely knows where you live.