The Best Spas for Relaxing If You Can Get Over the Whole ‘Being Naked’ Thing

There’s nothing more relaxing than a day at the spa, unless the idea of public nudity makes you deeply uncomfortable. In that case, there’s no amount of relaxation that can erase your shame. Here are the best spas for when you want to indulge in some pampering, and also all of your worst insecurities.


The Gilded Spa, Brooklyn

Pamper yourself with a Swedish massage at this spa of the rich and the famous. Even though you’re under a sheet the entire time, both you and the masseuse will know that you’re totally naked under there. You know this is their job, but they must be judging a little bit, right? They’re touching your bare skin, but you paid a lot for this treat, so try not to tense up!


K Spa, Tampa

A hidden gem, this spa provides relaxation on a budget, assuming you can get over the fact that you’re sweating and completely naked literally three feet away from another person who is also sweating and completely naked. Can she, like, see your nipples? Open up your pores in the Himalayan salt sauna, which will be easy since you’re not allowed to take a towel in no matter how many times you ask. Sorry. This place is definitely a naked place.


Pamper, Phoenix

This high-end spa will allow you to relax in the lap of luxury. Treat your skin with one of the resort’s signature mud baths! Warm clay draws the impurities out from your skin while—you guessed it—you’re completely naked. Apparently you have to be naked for this expensive treatment, because it “defeats the point of taking the mud bath” and “why would you want to do that?”



Glass Spa, Los Angeles

Get rid of all your stress and tension by taking a dip in this spa’s relaxing Russian baths. That is, if you can gather up the courage to go in, since you have to be completely naked in front of other people. Why is it so bright in there? It’s like that recurring stress dream you have where you’re naked in public, but instead of being a dream it’s actually real life. It’s happening to you now. You can’t avoid it. But other than that, it’s fun!


If you can get over your concerns about being naked, you’ll love these spas! That’s a big if, though!