How To Make Celebrating Breasts Your Whole Feminism

For too long, women’s breasts have been regulated, hidden, and condemned. Women are forced to shove their tits into bras that don’t fit, to cover up on hot days while men go shirtless, and to breastfeed their children in the dark of night. Finally, some feminists are fighting back by saying things like “I love boobies” and taking pictures where their boobs look nice in order to fight back against the patriarchy’s worst offense: not wanting to see or appreciate breasts. Here are some tips for making celebrating breasts the only feminist statement you ever make.


Fight the patriarchy by buying one of those shirts with boobs on them.

Why burn bras when you can buy a t-shirt? You might not be able to walk around shirtless, but you can wear a shirt with breasts on it to make the controversial feminist statement that boobs are funny and look nice. All you need to do is spend $35 on a t-shirt that the guys at the festival will love and, congratulations, you are a feminist!


Flip the script on gender discrimination by walking around braless.

Bras are tools of the patriarchy, so the best way to show the men you encounter that you are a #badassbitch is to go braless on the reg. You don’t need to read Simone de Beauvoir or volunteer at Planned Parenthood to proudly proclaim that you are a feminist. All that you need to do is make a fashion choice that is more comfortable for you and will get you a lot of attention. That’s literally it!



Take a stand against sexism by posting a #freethenipple pic on Instagram.

It’s not right that male nipples are totally acceptable on most social media sites and female nipples aren’t. It’s all the same nipple! Feminism! Broadcast your outrage by putting tape or something over your nips and posting a sexy #freethenipple pic on Instagram. Take that, MEN. Look at you, completely subverting gender norms and being hot!


Feminism can often seem like a minefield of discourse, outrage, and rules, but some totally kickass feminists have narrowed in on a single issue to bring attention to: their own boobs. Now, if only people would realize that we can be beautiful and political.