8 Women Share Their Worst Date Experiences and All of Them Were With Brian

Bad dates – we’ve all had them. And nothing helps us recover from the frustrations of dating like sharing our worst experiences that all happened to be with that guy Brian from Tinder. That’s why we talked with nine random women about their worst date experiences, all of which happened to be with 29-year-old Brian Walsh from Brooklyn. Here are their stories:


“I talked to Brian on Tinder and agreed to grab a drink with him. He kept trying to get me to go to a bar in his neighborhood, even though I live an hour away. Eventually we agreed on a place and he spent the whole time complaining about how they didn’t serve PBR there.” – Lisa, 28


“I met this guy Brian at a climbing gym (his idea). What? Yeah, Brian Walsh. You know him? Anyways, he spent the whole date telling me I was climbing wrong even though I made it up the wall twice as fast as him. For some reason I agreed to grab a juice with him after. I guess I felt bad for him? But then he kept explaining my career in journalism to me even though he works at a coffee shop.” – Diana, 26



“This guy took me to his favorite barbecue restaurant even thought I told him I was vegan, but he kept insisting it was ‘so good’ even though I couldn’t eat anything on the menu. I passed out at the table and woke up to him telling me I was ‘missing out.’ Oh yeah, his name was Brian.” – Kristen, 29


“He was vaping when I walked up to meet him.” – Stephanie, 25


“All through a dinner date, he was telling me about how the movie we were about to see would was going to be ‘so different from the comic book’. Also, he had a tattoo on his arm that just said ‘Bhuddism.’” – Marie, 30


“He made a big show of paying for my sandwich at the diner, because ‘women aren’t paid equally’ but then he kept making fun of his mom, who he still lives with.” – Heidi, 28


“His breath smelled like hot dogs? And he made a weirdly intense level of eye-contact.” – Julia, 26


“He kept talking about how funny his friend is, who is also named Brian. But all the funny stories were about his multiple DUIs.” – Katie, 24


Dating in the city can be horrible, especially when it’s with Brian, who has somehow managed to go on a date with nearly all of us. Good luck out there, ladies!