The Best Places to View The Solar Eclipse That Are Right in Front of Scott’s Apartment

On August 21st, a total solar eclipse is set to hit the US in what’s sure to be a highly watched event throughout the country. And while the full eclipse can only be viewed within the “path of totality,” there are many places where you can still get a stunning view of the eclipse. And, oh my god weird, they’re all in front of Scott’s apartment! Huh!


Scott’s Doorstep

The last total solar eclipse over the US was in 1979, so this is a huge deal for eclipse watchers across the country. You’ll definitely want to watch, but you won’t be watching with Scott because he broke up with you two weeks ago. Luckily, you’re an independent woman! Also interestingly the best place to view the eclipse in on Scott’s doorstep. Wow, what a weird coincidence!


Across The Street From Scott’s Building

For a more wide-angle view of the eclipse, stand across the street from Scott’s apartment but also a little to the side so he can’t see you if he comes home. And since the sun is so far away, you might as well bring some binoculars. And snacks, since the eclipse takes all day and you’ll probably want to offer him something if he finds you!


In Scott’s Backyard

Staring into the harsh UV rays of the sun can be incredibly dangerous to your eye health. So make sure you buy eclipse-viewing glasses to make the experience fun and safe! Remember when Scott used to playfully call you “four-eyes?” That was so cute. And haha, what do you know?! This excellent eclipse-viewing spot happens to be right outside of Scott’s apartment! So insane!!



Scott’s Bed

Oh no Scott just pulled back the covers on his bed and BOO! There you are. But you’re there because you’re watching the eclipse! That’s right – Scott’s bed is an ideal place to watch this historical event. Make sure you use all your senses to enjoy this remarkable natural occurrence. Smell his sheets. Feel the cool underside of his pillow. Glance the eclipse for like one second outside his window and then slip into one of his old shirts. Wow, eclipses are amazing!


Enjoy your view of the eclipse! And enjoy being in Scott’s presence until he calls the police and has you forcibly removed from his home. Aw, nature really is amazing!