Cute Party Dresses to Picture Yourself Making New Friends In

So many promising social events you hope to be invited to, so much free time! You want to add something fresh to your wardrobe in the odd event that you do encounter potential new friends. Ditch the sexy LBD and search for that unique conversation piece that will make all the gals say, “Wow, she seems easygoing and fun!”—even though it’ll probably never leave the dressing room ’cause you’ll probably never leave the house. Here are our top sartorial picks for nonchalant posing and fake-laughing with your best friend—the bathroom mirror!


Dash to the Bash Dress (Modcloth, $190)CoBarnett-DashtotheBash

The dingy dressing room lighting can’t dim this dress’s shine! Everyone’s complexion looks great in blue, and you’ll look so good working the crowd in all the photos of a swanky gallery opening you’ll attend in your head!








Crepe Sleeveless Blazer Dress (Missguided, $59.50)CoBarnett-WhiteBlazerDress

Walk into a bar in this grown-up number, and you’ll let everyone know you’re mature AND willing to get down to some N*SYNC karaoke with the future besties you so desperately hope you’ll make tonight! You guys would belt out “Bye, Bye, Bye” and then discuss your Roth IRAs over gin and tonics, if only you didn’t leave this party as soon as you arrived!













A-Line Mini Kimono Dress (ASOS, $94)CoBarnett-BlueKimonoDress

Show the girls at the company mixer that your relationship advice is just as bold and inspiring as this floral print. The material is soft, and so is your sincere, trustworthy voice. Daydream of listening to potential brunch buddy Brooke vent about some asshole named Rick and offer your elegant sleeves for her to cry on. This would happen if it did happen, but it probably won’t happen!






V-Neck Shift Dress (Forever21, $15)CoBarnett-VNeckShiftDress

A simple solid color shift dress says, “I don’t need accessories. I have my girlfriends.” It’s also a great choice for fantasizing quality platonic male friends who will treat you like a sister because your arms are completely covered. Even the friend zone sounds good to you—can’t spell it without “friend”!
















Anne Klein Floral Print Dress (Macy’s, $80)CoBarnett-AnneKleinFloral

Try this one out in conversation with a sales associate and see if they involuntarily ask about what kind of baking you do! This flattering A-line screams, “I’d prefer wine night over hanging out with Nick any day.” Imagine how much fun the two of you would have, exchanging brassy zings and boasts until you grow old and die together. If only!





Remember, the key to every friendship is honesty, so look yourself in the mirror and say, “I want to be your friend,” but instead of your face, picture someone else with features and a sense of humor that compliment yours. Now that’s how you pretend! Good job, lonely girl!