Breathtaking Photos of People With Freckles That Will Make You Stab Your Face With an Ink Pen

Freckles have been considered ugly, freakish, and even evil throughout history. But what would you say if we told you that freckles are absolutely fucking beautiful? Whoa, right? Well, believe it, because we said so: The days of freckle shame are over! Feast your eyes on these breathtaking photos of people with freckles that will inspire you to grab your pointiest ballpoint pen and stab it into your face repeatedly until you feel whole:

1 vintage freckles

1. Antique Freckles Tintype

This vintage portrait reminds you that freckles are timeless. The high-contrast portrayal of this speckled woman’s austere elegance will have you questioning your humdrum clear complexion and reaching for an ink pen. Consider puncturing your face repeatedly with an India ink dip-pen. Nib tips add an air of history and they’re sharp as knives. You’re just one fancy stick ‘n’ poke tattoo away from being a classic freckled beauty!


2 artsy freckles

2. Artsy Flickr Album Freckles

This soft-focus snapshot has an imploring look. Imploring you to reject conventional notions of attractiveness and start going to town on your face with the nearest Bic pen you can find. Remember, the more agonizing the burning sensation of a hundred little self-inflicted gashes, the more unique the look will be (once the ink sets and scabs over and you’re released from the hospital)!


3 bff freckles

3. Best Friends Freckles

Freckles can be a great bonding experience. Seeing these two women celebrating their unique features together will compel you to invite your bestie over and go jab for jab, taking turns scarring each other with adorable frecks. Feel free to play around with a variety of pens. From Uni-Balls to Gelly Rolls, they’re all good options for shoving deep into the epidermis of your face. If these young women could do it, so can you!



4. Confident Teen Freckles

Beauty is pain, and this girl knows it. The model in this photo actually had flawless skin until the age of 16. But, after reading a Teen Vogue article about how freckles transform you into an intriguing individual of substance, she knew what she had to do. She rushed to her nearest OfficeMax and threw herself headfirst into some rollerball pens. After a complicated extraction surgery for a pen nib that got lodged in her cheekbone, she now gets stopped on the street constantly for her bold fleckings. Wow!



5 child freckles

5. Child Freckles

All children deserve to feel special and beautiful. This stunning image of a little girl with sun-kissed skin will have the moms out there reaching for the closest kid-friendly writing utensil, then throwing it away in favor of something sharper. Something sharp enough to break through your baby’s skin and dig in deep enough to permanently mark them with freckles that scream, “I’m beautiful in my own way!” while they scream in pain and terror. They’ll thank you one day!



If you’re not bleeding by now, you haven’t looked closely enough at these awe-inspiring photos of people with freckles. So grab some ink pens and stare down your boring unblemished face in a mirror. It’s terrible—change it! Stick those pens deep into your face, and don’t neglect your ears and neck! You’re well on your way to the hospital and becoming a freckled goddess!