How to Contain Your Feelings Like a Bomb and Then Safely Blow Them Up

Sometimes feelings are nice, but sometimes they’re a threat. Whenever you get a feeling that makes you think, “Oh no, oh no!” make sure to approach it with the extreme caution you would also approach an improvised explosive device planted beneath the ground. Here’s how to reduce the damage of a feeling by containing it like a bomb and then safely blowing it up.


Attempt to Defuse the Feeling

If a feeling has landed in your vicinity and you have nowhere to escape, attempt to defuse the feeling first. Find which wires inside you made the feeling happen, then try to snip them with extreme caution, since this can be incredibly tricky. Snipping the wrong wire can actually make the feeling blow up 10 times as hard with yourself in its wake, so if you’re not sure which one to cut, better move onto the next step. Feelings are scary, but you definitely don’t want to die disarming them!


Put the Feeling in a Steel Box

If you cannot defuse the feeling that’s happening to you, put the feeling in a steel box. This is the safest place to let it detonate because a steel box is unbreakable, unmeltable and makes it impossible for anyone to see or hear the feeling going off. This means no one gets hurt, or points at you and asks, “Why are there flames coming out of your head?” The feeling will live and die where minimal damage can be done: inside a hard square no one can open.



Let the Feeling Go Off

Now that the feeling inside you has been contained, let the feeling go off. You cannot stop this from happening, because all feelings aside from either “complain” or “work” are literal bombs that will try to kill you no matter what. Once you hear the ticking of an emotion about to happen, you can only wait. When the time comes simply allow the feeling to do the explosion it so clearly wants, then move on and be grateful you survived. Whew – that could’ve turned out way worse!


Laugh and Laugh

Now that you watched the feeling explode, you may laugh and laugh. Haha! You were so close to dying, but you remained alive despite the threat of feelings against your life. You feel nothing.


It can be terrifying when you’re just living your life and then all of a sudden a feeling you did not want gets thrown at you. Follow this guide to remain safe from all threats internal and external.