6 Things We Should Stop Feeling Guilty About, Because I Don’t Want To Go To Therapy

There is so much pressure on us to work long hours and achieve perfection in everything we do, and the world just loves to guilt us when it all goes wrong. But hey, nobody’s perfect. Sure, we should probably reflect at some point, but I’m busy right now and I for one am not going to therapy over it. Here are six things we should stop feeling guilty about, because I refuse to fucking go to therapy.


Chasing validation from others.

Pursuing validation is crucial, because what else do we have inside the desolate wasteland of our hearts? Any therapist would want to crush this adolescent habit, so don’t give him the chance! Instead, free yourself from guilt and keep trying to get your ex to admit you’re the one who got away! It’s been working out great for me so far.


Being a little selfish.

Listen, it’s okay to do things for yourself. Sometimes in order to preserve ourselves we have to focus on ourselves first and other people second. Is this something you should apologize for? No way, honey. Don’t feel bad about others dragging you down. I, for one, now have a ton of free time with no friends—and there is no way you’re gonna tell me that I need to go to therapy!


Telling it like it is.

It’s our job to be truth-tellers. Sometimes people don’t want to hear what needs to be said, but who’s problem is that? Definitely not mine. Maybe my truth-telling would be explored in therapy and worked out in a healthy environment, or maybe I shouldn’t be made to feel guilty for being committed to being real. Maybe you should go to therapy.


Giving advice.

We want our friends to live their best lives, but sometimes our advice can go unappreciated. Sometimes we need to decide what our own business is, no matter how much it makes other people cry. I haven’t been to therapy but I’m pretty sure this is what they would tell me.



Having trouble telling people we love them.

Some people have difficulty sharing their feelings with the people they hold dearest, except when they do something they full-throttle loathe…and that’s okay! You don’t need to share love, and anyone who says you do is probably a therapist. Our voices need to be heard, as long as it’s outside of a small room with a qualified mental health professional.


Making a point.

Here is a fact: some people need to be put in their place, and sometimes stealing their Mrs. Doubtfire DVD and proceeding to convince them that it never happened will do such, even if it is “gaslighting.” This is a big victory in your journey…NO THANKS TO THERAPY!


Now that you’ve shed your guilt, you can finally feel as free as you wanted to be! So go ahead—dance in the sun, and avoid therapy at all motherfucking costs because you don’t need it!