5 Meals You Can Cook With One Hand So You Don’t Have to Stop Tindering

You should never have to stop looking for love—not even while making dinner! You’re already holding conversations with 20 different men on Tinder with one hand, but who says it’s impossible to cook a delicious meal at the same time? Here are a few recipes that require just one hand, so you can use Hand #2 to sort through those matches.



Let’s be honest, making risotto is boring. Luckily, risotto is a dream for cooking-while-Tindering because it frees up your non-stirring hand for easy swiping through eight guys named Dan! Plus, saying you made risotto is huge turn-on. Make sure to let that Tinder crush know you’re casually whipping up an Italian meal for one, but it could be for two if he’s down. Also, you’re nakie right now!!




Recover from an unsatisfying one-night stand and treat yo’ self to breakfast and Tinder. Make the batter ahead of time (you can do it when you’re drunk!) then flip flapjacks with your right while you swipe right with your left. Don’t worry that last night was another Tinder fail—you are going to beat this system while you beat that batter. Remember, the early swiper gets the D!


Grilled Cheese

Prime Tinder time is after work when everyone is defeated from a long day and just a little drunk, so their standards that are at an all-time low. Don’t miss out just because you have to tend to other human urges, like the urge to eat. Keep on messaging Dan #3 while flipping some grilled cheese like a hot short-order cook who has five men to choose from tonight. You are a multi-tasker!




Pre-cut stir-fries are quick, cheap, delicious, and (most importantly) require just one hand for stirring. Channel your cooking confidence into some sexy intro messages—those chopsticks and bowl emoji will let guys know you’re DTCAF (down to cook and fuck)!




Boiling water and pouring in the pasta makes for an easy one-handed meal. Plus, waiting for the water to boil gives you at least ten minutes with two hands to type Tinder sexts at rapid speed. Forgo the colander for a slotted spoon and bowl so you can destroy that spaghetti without ever having to look up from your phone. Plus, pasta helps you carbo-load for a night of quick, non-committal online dates. Cool!


Learning to cook using only one hand is a lifelong skill that will let you multitask your relationships for the rest of your life. Remember, you’ll never miss a chance for love if you never stop looking…down…at a screen.