Mid-Century Modern Furniture to Fart On

Mid-century modern furniture is all the rage these days, and it’s no wonder—the clean lines and solid construction makes it perfect for farting all over. We found some of the sleekest pieces to adorn your apartment so you can sit back, relax, and let out those daily farts in comfort and style.



Mushroom Velvet Kendall Sofa (World Market, $699.99)1 velvet sofa

This sofa is absolutely perfect if you like to entertain. Have your book club, wine night, or movie screening guests gawk at the refined beauty of this piece while they sit and fart away by those cheese plates you’ve been serving. The simple silhouette of this couch will both absorb fumes and channel away noxious odors through the open space of its design. A contemporary classic!







Tyler Mid-Century Chair (Urban Outfitters, $498)2 tyler chair

A good chair is great for really making your apartment ‘pop’. This super cute chair can function in any room in your house and is perfect for blowing farts right out the back of it. Make it your go-to relaxing spot for decompressing—literally and figuratively.







Eames Style Molded Plastic Dowel-Leg Side Chair (Poly and Bark, $109.95)3 plastic chair

Every kitchen needs its staple table, but what about the chairs? Most people miss the potential of a good kitchen chair in making the room feel extra-special. The true mid-century aesthetic will be sure to please any homeowner who appreciates a smooth look that deflects farts away quickly, without any lingering scent.






Gray Round Seren Chair and a Half (World Market, $399.99)4 gray seren chair

A cozy chair and a half like this one from World Market is so pretty and so fart-worthy. It’s great at accentuating a dull corner and also at capturing those little toots you don’t want your date to notice. This elegant gray chair is ready to be your fart’s next escape.









Mid-Century Upholstered Bench (West Elm, $254)5 bench

A bench probably isn’t the first thing you think of when shopping for new furniture pieces, but it is very important to complete a bedroom. This one is great for tying your shoes in the morning and letting out a few farts from last night’s beers. Its streamlined design will give you that cool Mad Men feel while also farting.






There are so many mid-century modern furniture collections out there, but these cornerstone pieces are a great start for the design-loving farter. Why not combine function, style, and comfort while shielding your guests from your unpredictable butt blasts? These pieces will also hold up for many years, allowing even your children’s children to benefit from their bold looks and fart-containing abilities.