Amazing: How Did Jen Take Such A Terrible Picture Of Her Baby?

Facebook dropped its collective jaw Thursday morning when they saw new mother Jen Morales post about her baby, Eustace. This surprising photo, a simple shot of an otherwise adorable baby Eustace laughing in her crib—made the baby look like shit.


All we have to say is, “Wow, what a terrible picture.”


Cameron Monet, mother of three and expert poster of cute baby photos, says Jen’s careless technique is to blame. “Eustace isn’t even an ugly baby,” Monet explains. “Yet Jen made her perfectly good daughter look like a pug that tried to eat bees. It’s really a warning to all of us to be more careful.”


Despite the unfortunate nature of the photo, its popularity on Morales’ page seemed unaffected. Morales’ friend and Facebook follower Brad Brooks explained why he “liked” the post: “I thought it was a pile of deli-sliced ham on top of a polka-dot onesie, which would have been hilarious,” Brooks explains. “But when I realized the ham was actually Eustace, a human baby, I regretted encouraging Jen. “Nobody should do that to their baby.”


Sally Beach, Morales’ cousin and a professional photographer, explains that the angle, lighting, and backdrop of the picture is what makes it appear as though Jen drunkenly stumbled around her apartment accidentally taking pictures. Given the foolproof mechanisms of the camera and the otherwise adorable baby, the final product, she claims, was “fucking astounding.”



And we agree!


“What that woman did to her poor baby makes me a little sick,” Beach explains. “There’s enough sadness in this world already. And now that girl looks like a pink gargoyle that melted in the sun.”


“We all want to forget this happened,” Morales wrote to her Facebook community. “I thought it was easy to make a baby look cute, but I was wrong.”


At press time, Morales was preparing to release another photo, “this time using filters.”