6 Romantic Getaways That Will Make You Say, ‘I’m On Shrooms!’

Is the stress of life taking a toll on your relationship? You’re not alone. Every couple eventually reaches a point where they need to spend some quality time alone on a beach, with nothing but each other and a plastic bag of magic mushrooms. Read on for six hot destinations that will make you say, “I’m falling in love with you all over again and not just because of these hallucinogenic drugs!”


Honolulu, Hawaii

Say “aloha” to the natural beauty of America’s most gorgeous state! Hawaii is just as perfect as it looked on your #RelationshipGoals Pinterest board—there are so many beautiful locations to explore together while giggling hysterically at the site of the ocean! It’s just you, your boo, and some tiny talking whales. Rekindle the psychotropic reasons you two fell for each other in the first place.



Santa Monica, California

This city is so romantic that everyone from Jackie O. to Kate Middleton has dropped by for a picturesque beach weekend. The best part? It’s close enough to home that you won’t have to miss too many days of work—that is, unless you’re still dealing with the psychological fallout from three days spent folding yourself slowly in on yourself.


Angel Cays, Bahamas

Enjoying a traditional island breakfast in bed is the absolute best way to make sure you stay full while you candy-flip for the next ten hours. This totally secluded resort is a great place to spend some one-on-one time with your honey while also being hidden from those who might judge you for having long, philosophical conversations with native birds.


Pisco, Peru

This exotic spot has everything: captivating views, a rich history, and amazing local cuisine. Not that you’ll remember any of that stuff, but it’s still cool, right? The only thing more romantic than watching your lover’s face light up at the top of Machu Picchu is staying in to watch each other’s faces melt into matching puddles of rainbow goo.



Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dancing around the fire at your bungalow is sure to make sparks fly in more ways than one. Let your awareness of the extremely strict local drug laws bring you together in conspiracy and the adrenaline fuel your hot, crazy mushroom sex.


A Backyard

When you’re tripping balls, anything can become a romantic getaway. Does your friend own a hammock, a guitar or a plentiful supply of weed? You may as well be in any of these places!


Is it love, or a totally altered perception of reality? Up to you! Either way, you’ll feel more spiritually connected to the jaguar-faced man next to you after eating a handful of fungal psychedelics. Isn’t love grand?