Power Suits That Say, ‘Wife Material!’

Creating a feminine yet professional work wardrobe can be a challenge! But these power suits will broadcast that you’re a woman who’s serious about her career—a career you’d throw away in seconds if some man would just put a ring on it already!


The Shoulder-Padded Suit

A suit with shoulder pads tells the world you’re a bold decision-maker who’s not afraid to be noticed. It also reminds the world of Melanie Griffith from that movie Working Girl, and remember how she got with Harrison Ford at the end? That means you can, too!


The Monochrome Suit

A monochrome suit is a great way to advertise that you’re focused on meetings, spreadsheets, and who will be in your bridal party, if someone would just scoop you up! It also reminds guys that you’re super low-maintenance; not like Tina in accounting who wears nail charms. Who would marry that?


The Floral Suit

A basic pant suit with floral accents is a perfect yet subtle way to let all the men in your office know that while you’re one badass boss, you’ll make an even more badass wife and mother. Because nothing says, “I’m not afraid of my femininity,” like flowers on your work clothes! Are there any single guys left in the office?



A Suit That Literally Says, “Wife Material!”

That’s right — a quick bedazzling session and your suit can say, “Wife Material” in as many places as you see fit. Nothing tells the world you’re ready to be somebody’s wife like literally telling the world you’re ready to be somebody’s wife. But it’s still a suit so—professional!


A Wedding Dress

While not technically a “suit,” a wedding dress that you wear to work every single day will definitely let others know you’re ready to be somebody’s M-R-S! And don’t be afraid to add a veil so they know you’re really serious. But don’t let anyone give you shit—you’re still there to work!


A powerful and professional work wardrobe that also says you’re hungry for that ring is well within your reach. Now go forth and own it!