Six Fashion Turbans That Will Make You Look Totally Insane This Season!

If you haven’t hopped aboard the turban train yet, get ready: Fashion turbans are the ONLY accessory worth spending your earmarked weed money on this winter. You’re probably asking, “Turbans?! You mean the traditional cloth headwear worn by a variety of cultures for religious and spiritual reasons?” YES! Exactly! Fashion turbans might sound crazy, but don’t worry – they look even crazier!



The Kardashiturban

No one rocks the insane turban lady look quite like Kourtney Kardashian, who really amped up her style with these circular sunglasses. While turbans will make you look crazy on their own, adding more accessories will legitimize your insanity to the fullest!

matchy matchy

Matchy Matchy

Don’t be afraid to match your turban with an equally psychotic looking outfit! People won’t know whether you’re fashion-forward or have recently escaped from a cult!


Headband Turban

This smaller head wrap variation on the traditional turban look will have folks wondering if you’re ahead of a new fashion trend, or you’ve disfigured one of your ears like Vincent Van Gogh!


Cruella DeVille Chic

Why stick with one color of fabric when you can mix it up this starkly insane combination of black and white? You’ll look like a Grey Gardens character on the cusp of full-blown lunacy!


Papier Mâché Glam

A turban isn’t just an accessory; it’s a work of art created in a bat shit frenzy. Let people know you’ve started hoarding by rocking a handmade papier mâché headpiece composed of household trash.

beyonce turban

Beyoncé: Cray Cray!

Even Beyoncé looks nuts in this Kermit green turban. She’s putting her love (for turbans and mental illness) on top!

cat turban

Cat Turban: Off the Fucking Deep End Now

Hot tip: To bring your look to total sociopath level, put your cat in a turban and go out on the town! Work it, girl!