The Top Five Lip Glosses We Were Paid to Tell You About

We may have been paid to tell you about these products, but you should still totally use them because we’re supposed to tell you that we’re TOTALLY OBSESSED.


1. Chanel’s Levres Scintillantes

Classic. You cannot go wrong with this color. Actually, I don’t speak French so I don’t know what color it is, and it might really wash you out if you have light skin, but come on, it’s Chanel – they’re an empire, it’s like the most guaranteed paycheck a magazine can get. Oui oui!!


2. L’oreal’s Total Nude Gloss

Didn’t you see that Lady Gaga for L’oreal ad devouring our Beauty section? They basically own us. Uh, I mean, this stuff is my absolute FAV for a night out on the town!!!!


3. Cover Girl Lipslicks

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Cover Girl. At any drug store near you. Enter to win a trip to Taylor Swift’s beautiful home, where she practices her legitimate craft, and a lifetime supply of Lipslicks on the next page. Oh yeah, and it feels pretty good on your lips, because it’s for your lips and it’s slick. Taylor Swift made us say that.


4. Lip Smackers’ Juicy Fruit Gloss

Your juicy lips will be so kissable with their 15 different flavors! Plus, you’ll feel like a kid again, because you probably haven’t used this stuff since your middle school dance. Ok, our editor owed someone at Target a favor after our six-year-old blogger was accused of libel against their “designer” line.


5. Mary Kay’s Newest Lip Gloss (They’re still making things?)

Wait…is this fucking 1992, Mary Kay still exists? Oh shit. You’re still reading this. Well, their newest lip gloss is just POPPIN’ for a…vintage look. Yeah. Phew. Saved that $$! Probably not worth it though… I mean, can they really pay us that much?