5 Things to Say at Brunch to Make Your Girlfriends Think You’ve Also Seen ‘Ladybird’

We’ve all been there: You’re out to brunch with your BFFs, when all of a sudden, they start talking about Ladybird, Greta Gerwig’s new tour-de-force film about female friendship, love, and growing up. Or some shit like that. You don’t know because you really have not seen this movie. But they can’t know that! Here are some things to say to make your girlfriends think you’ve also seen Ladybird.


“Ugh, yes, we need more female-driven comedies.”

You truly have no concept of what Ladybird is about, but from the way your girlfriends are talking about it, apparently it’s the lady-bonding experience of the year? Get in on the action by saying a blanket statement your gal pals really can’t disagree with. They’ll never know you blew off the movie to see Thor with a Tinder date!.


“I just loved the friendships, and the…birds?”

If you’re feeling brave, go ahead and take a stab at what the movie was about. Probably birds, right? Like a girl bird? A girl who’s friends with a bird? If your girlfriends stare at you blankly, just laugh and say, “It’s a metaphor – duh!” Women love metaphors. They will definitely think you also saw Ladybird.



“Her name is pronounced Ser-shuh.”

You rewatch the library scene from Atonement pretty regularly, so even you’ve picked up that Saiorse Ronan is the star of Ladybird. Kill two birds with one stone by throwing out the one fact you have that’s kind of about this movie while also diverting the conversation to another fun topic: the spelling of Irish names! Your friends will be thinking you also saw Ladybird faster than you can correctly pronounce “Caiomhe.”


“I would say she ranks above Nancy Reagan, but definitely below Michelle Obama. But that’s just me.”

This movie is about Ladybird Johnson, right? No? Okay, just a guess. More mimosas?



This seems to be what a lot of your friends who actually saw Ladybird are saying. So just hop on that train and ride it straight to Friend Town. If anyone asks you a follow up, like “What was your favorite part?” or “Who was your favorite character?”, just yell “GRETTTAAAAAA” or even “MOOOOOOOVIEEEE” to throw them off the scent. You TOTALLY also saw Ladybird (wink).


Sometimes we don’t have time to see the movie that all our friends won’t stop talking about. While it might feel easier to just say, “Oh, I haven’t seen it yet,” it’s definitely better for your bonding to make them think you also saw Ladybird.