How To Have A Relaxing Holiday Break Even Though You’re Pretty Worried For Selena Gomez

The holidays have arrived, and that means it’s time for a break! But how are you supposed to relax and enjoy your vacation when you actually have some serious concerns about your favorite former Disney darling and her back on-again asshole pop-star boyfriend? Don’t worry! Here’s how to have a relaxing holiday break even though you’re pretty worried for Selena Gomez now that she’s back with the Biebs.


Surround yourself with loving family.

Surrounding yourself with the people who have always been there for you around the holidays can be a great distraction from feeling truly concerned about Selena Gomez and the fact that she’s made the terrible decision to get back together with that dumbass Justin Bieber when she’s otherwise had a pretty great year. Let the support and love you receive from your family during your break allow you to feel fully relaxed and help you avoid thinking too much about what’s gotten into poor Selena. They’re here for you!


Focus on your holiday traditions.

Building gingerbread houses? Playing board games over spiked eggnog? Chinese food on Christmas Eve? Whatever your holiday traditions are, try focusing on them as opposed to focusing on how worried you are about Selena Gomez’s rekindling romance with her shithead boyfriend who doesn’t deserve her! Bonding with your loved ones over enduring traditions can give you the warm, nostalgic feelings you need despite having to deal with your legitimate anxieties over what has possessed Selena Gomez to choose fucking JUSTIN BIEBER instead of any of the hundreds of other hot, eligible celebrities she could totally date instead. Such fun!


Play the NSYNC Christmas album.

It’s impossible NOT to relax and have a good time while listening to the dulcet sounds of NSYNC’s 1998 album “Home For Christmas”. Try digging up the copy you have tucked away in your childhood bedroom’s closet and play away! The memories of a time when heartthrob pop stars made cheesy Christmas music and made less-bad but still kind of bad dating decisions will drown out your worries about Selena Gomez and the current heartthrob pop star who has somehow weaseled his way back into her life. Sure, JB came out with his own Christmas album in 2011, but we were too mad at his paternity suit and rumored infidelity to Selena to care.


Re-watch Wizards of Waverly Place

If all else fails, and you are unable to find enough solace from your worries about Selena Gomez to enjoy your holiday break, try rewatching all of Wizards of Waverly Place. Seeing a bright-eyed and hopeful Selena on the television show that propelled her career will warm your heart and temper the concern you’re feeling for her these days as she slips back into a relationship with a man who, at this point, could easily pass for a gas attendant at a small town Seven-Eleven. Now you can truly relax!



It’s so important to relax during your holiday break and enjoy soaking up the fleeting last days of the year. With these tips, you can do so while also distracting yourself from the concerns you’re having about Selena Gomez. Happy holidays to everyone except Justin Bieber!