6 SATC Facts You Never Knew Even if You Majored in SATC in College

You know everything there is to know about Sex and the City! You could literally write a thesis on what it means to be a Carrie – because you already did. You majored in SATC in college! Now, after four years of studying the show extensively and writing a lengthy thesis, you can explain exactly how SATC impacted the 21st century migration patterns of contemporary American women. But did you know these surprising facts? Probably not!


Sarah Jessica Parker Had to Wear Heels for 18 Hours While Filming

They usually teach you this in grad school, so unless you hold a Masters in SATC Studies, you probably never learned this. Don’t feel bad! While you know that Carrie’s shoe of choice was the Manolo Blahnik, it takes years of studying SATC to fully grasp the nuances of her footwear.


All of the Cosmos the Girls Drank Were Fake

Different universities have different SATC curriculums, so it’s very possible that you don’t know this fact, even if you majored in SATC. NYU, for instance, has one of the best SATC programs in the country but is more focused on the dialectical discourse between Aiden and Big so your professors probably never went over what the actresses were actually drinking while filming.


None of the Characters Repeat an Outfit the Entire Series

If New York City was the fifth lady of SATC, the outfits were def the sixth! The costume designer fully committed to this and never repeated a look the entire season. Unless you went for a Ph.D in SATC, you probably never learned this incredible fact!


Carrie’s Tutu in the Opening Credits Cost $5

The origin of Carrie’s opening credits outfit is pretty controversial – which is why many programs avoid the subject entirely. Some SATC scholars say the famous tulle skirt came from a vintage store. Others say it came straight from a designer. Either way, even if you majored in SATC with a minor in Being A Samantha, you may have missed this super interesting fact!


Candice Bushnell Doesn’t Think Carrie and Big Would End Up Together In Real Life

You might have learned this in a “Theoretical Sex and the City” class, but chances are you don’t remember it. It’s okay! It’s a pretty heady theory, and sometimes we forget parts of our education after we leave school.



Mr. Big is Based on a Real Person

“Carrie’s Affairs in the 20th Century and Beyond” was probably full when you had to sign up for classes. It’s a popular class! You can’t even think about taking it if you’re a freshman SATC major! Everyone wants to learn more about Mr. Big, Aiden, and the Russian! They’re so dreamy! Anyway, it’s true. Mr. Big is based on a real person. Isn’t that so crazy?!


Completely grasping all of the complexities Sex and the City can’t be done in four short years. It truly takes a lifetime to fully understand the nuances of your favorite HBO show!