5 Car Words To Use When Talking To Your Mechanic

Car Words

Mechanics are notorious for taking advantage of women because they assume we don’t know anything about cars. Well, ladies, it’s time for us to put that perspective in reverse! Here are five essential car words you can use around your mechanic to prove you know what’s up with engines and stuff:

Cruise Control

Cruise control usually doesn’t work at low speeds, so as soon as you say “cruise control,” your mechanic will know you’re not afraid to drive fast and he’ll probably picture you in a bikini. But don’t let him think you’re a control freak, like other women: use it in a carefree sentence like, “The other day I was doin’ 70 with my cruise control on and then I turned it off and went up to like, 80, because whatever!” He definitely won’t charge you full price.

Manual Transmission

Also known as a stick shift, manual transmission is that knob in some cars between the driver and passenger’s seat. The knob is actually called a clutch, which is a much cooler way of referring to it around men. Guys will enjoy seeing you touch it because it looks like a penis and this will probably save you a lot of money.

Brake Pad

Brake pads are steel backing plates stuck on disc brake rotors that use friction to convert kinetic energy into thermal energy. No one even knows what that means, but once you say “brake pad” you can reference the movie Tommy Boy because Chris Farley sold brake pads in it. Trust me, every guy will get this reference. At this point he should be really impressed and give you a discount.


Exhaust Pipe

This thing is part of a larger exhaust system that guides gases away from the engine combustion. If you can lower your voice to a sultry alto and say, “My exhaust pipe is, um…you know,” your mechanic will read you loud and clear. You’re a woman who knows her way around the front and backs of things and you are definitely getting at least one thing done for free.

Ball Joint

Ball joint = steering, basically. You can insert this word into any sentence when you’re at the mechanic getting your car fixed and it doesn’t even need to come close to what the problem really is. Throw in an, “Oh, I think there might also be something going on with the ball joint” and your mechanic will surely cut the bill in half.
Take advantage of the car system, ladies, or it will take advantage of you. Good luck!