How To Play Hard-to-Get When a Search Team Is Looking For You

Search Team

Men love a good chase – especially when they’re officially sanctioned to find you after you’ve been declared missing! Here’s how to keep men interested when they’re in hot, state-warranted pursuit for you:


1. Don’t leave too many clues.

Too many of those pesky “MISSING” flyers will make you seem needy, so take down at least half of them, or risk becoming old news. Taking down these flyers is also a great excuse to keep your age, weight, and height private, which will make him work to get to know the size and contour of your young, beautiful curves.

2. Get their attention…but don’t act too desperate.

Make a signal fire with available materials. When a helicopter approaches, wave your hands in the air, then look away with a cool air of ambivalence, as if you didn’t really notice he was there. Do you need help or not? The mystery will drive him crazy!


3. Don’t rush it.

If you hear him yelling things like, “Where are you?” “Ma’am are you hurt?” and “Just stay where you are,” then he’s totally into you. Don’t panic. Play it cool and take a few minutes before you respond. If he goes away, don’t panic. If he’s really into you, he’ll find you eventually. Guys love a challenge; you’ll want your dramatic rescue to take at least a few hours so that the camera crews have time to arrive.

4. Never stop playing hard to get.

Even if you’re incapacitated from your fall down the White Cliffs and are quickly losing consciousness, don’t give in! This one can be hard, as you’ve got a mega-cutie alert approaching with 50 ccs of fuckability (and CPR training) – but if you really want to have him reeling, turn your head away when he goes in for that CPR kiss. Just do your best to keep the mystery (and yourself) alive, girlfriend!