5 Ways to Leverage Pity For Your Homemade Craft Business

Every Etsy shop owner knows that triggering pity in your customers is more important than the price or quality of your product. Skip tricky emotions like pride and your entrepreneurial spirit and make sure customers feel just bad enough to buy your product. Here’s how to knock your crafts down a peg to kick your sales up a notch:


Damage Some Merchandise

No one expects you to get every little craft right in the beginning of your new business. Real friends are there for you with their support – and wallets – in that rough patch when your miniature faerie clay pots are still a little sticky. That doesn’t mean they pay less than full price!

Play The “Support Small Business” Card

Faceless corporations have millions of laborers in factories to make their products – yet you manage to papier-mâché and sequin – all in your studio apartment. Remind customers of the discrepancy by linking to your homepage bio with pictures of your sad little workstation.


Pick a Sad Muse

Every artist gets asked the “What’s your inspiration?” question a million times. Add a muse to your artist statement like Emily Dickinson or your dead spouse to inspire the cash cow of charity.



Donate to Cancer or Something More Unique

Customers will buy anything when the proceeds go to a good cause. Make sure some small percentage of your profits goes toward a grotesque disease.


Countdown to Your Store Shutdown

Make sure customers know that even one craft purchase will save you from shuttering the business for another six months. Add a counter to your homepage to add a sense of urgency. Then bump up the price for each craft by 600%.


Remember, no one can price-check with tears in her eyes! With luck and sympathy you’ll be out of the red by Q3.