4 Liberating Haircuts That Will Make Him Say, ‘I Liked Your Hair Better Long’

There are so many beautiful ways you can cut and style your long, beautiful hair that will leave your man being genuinely disappointed. Since he met you with long hair, he is simply incapable of imagining it any other way. And that’s what is so liberating – with the right cool, choppy look, you get to choose how you’ll disappoint him! Here are four boss bitch haircuts that’ll have him saying, “I just like long hair better. What? It’s my opinion. Am I not allowed to have an opinion now?”


The Bob

The choppy bob, the textured bob, the edgy bob with a shaved side – you can’t go wrong with any of them! But your boyfriend will find something wrong with all of them because your hair definitely isn’t as long as it used to be. When he lets out a deep sigh and asks how much time it will take to grow back, you don’t have to tell him the truth (which is “two years”) but honestly it might be fun to see his reaction!


The Pixie

“Woah, wow… you did that?” is exactly what your sweetheart will say once you’ve cut your hair. After he puts together the words “better,” “hair,” “long,” and “like,” together in no specific order, he might need to sit down for a minute. Think about gifting him a pamphlet titled, “Women Get Short Haircuts For Many Reasons.”


Platinum Buzz Cut

This trendy new cut is cool and sexy, but be careful! It also screams ideas like, “I have my own mind” and “I have rights.” When your boyfriend inevitably says “What the fuck, Angie?“ (or whatever he thinks your name is) you can comfort his ego by taking him out to dinner with the extra money from hair products you won’t have to buy anymore, and with the extra time you’ll now have not drying or styling your hair.



Any Other Haircut Above The Shoulder

There are so many haircuts in this category that you’re sure to get one of them in your lifetime – this is basically what having hair is. In your boyfriend’s eyes, it’s most likely not going to be “good enough,” by which he only means “long enough,” by which he only means that he slightly hates you.


You’re an unstoppable queen, in charge of your own body and sexuality. You can finally look like the woman you’ve always dreamed of. Take the time to look in the mirror and give yourself a little wink and a compliment, because your boyfriend certainly won’t.