How to Rock an Oversized Sweater So It Looks Hot and Not Like It Doesn’t Fit

When the temps start to drop, there’s nothing better than throwing on a big, comfy sweater. But when your go-to garment is so large you could disappear within its folds, it’s hard to look like the sexy, cozy queen you are. Thankfully, with the following styling tricks, you’ll be sure to rock the oversized look instead of looking like you bought something three sizes too big!



Pair It With Leggings and A Cool Hat

Everyone knows that leggings with a sweater is a classic fall look. But, adding something a little extra, like a big, floppy hat will counter-balance the mammoth knit you’ve flung on your body. Not only will your hat look super trendy, but it’ll also distract from the fact that you may or may not have grabbed a men’s large by accident.


Sport A Button Down Shirt Underneath It

A great way to make your gargantuan sweater look less like a mistake and more like stylish choice is to dress it up a little. Wear a nice chambray button down underneath for a preppy, put together vibe. Plus, this regular-sized shirt layer will signal to other people that you have a more defined, hotter body under that big ole’ pullover!


Wear It As A Dress

Another technique that’ll guarantee you look fuckable in your goliath jumper is to stop pretending it’s small enough to be a top and wear it as a dress by throwing tights underneath. Don’t worry if it doesn’t go down long enough, the more leg the sexier the look, babe!



Exchange It For A Sweater That’s Your Size

If you feel like no matter what you do you still look lumpy, try making the ultimate fashion move by going back to the store where you bought the sweater and exchanging it for a cuter, more appropriately sized sweater you’ll actually wear. Plus, maybe you can even pick up a floppy hat or two.


We all know that #SweaterWeather is the best time of year. But if you end up with something that makes you look like you wrapped a knit throw blanket around your body, you’ll know how to rock it! Get cozy, girl!