3 Difficult Experiences You’ll Have in Your 20s That Still Aren’t as Emotionally Trying as When Iain Tossed His Baked Alaska in the Bin

Your 20s are a tumultuous decade. It’s your first taste of adulthood, and you end up having to deal with some tough issues for the first time. However, nothing will be quite as trying as having your dessert sabotaged by a fellow contestant on a BBC network baking show and subsequently having to throw it away. Here are 3 difficult experiences you might have in your 20s, none of them being as emotionally trying as when Iain Watters tossed his Baked Alaska in the bin during series 5 of The Great British Bake Off.


Getting your heart broken.

Going through your first big breakup is not uncommon in your 20s. Getting dumped and even doing the dumping can be a heart wrenching experience. It can change the way you see yourself or others, affect your self-worth, and sometimes even send you into a depression. If you’re going through a major heartbreak, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s better to love and lose than to lose like Iain did when he tossed out his Baked Alaska as a direct consequence of his competitor’s shady actions regarding “her” freezer. Now that’s heartbreaking!



Death of a grandparent.

Like many other people in their 20s, you may find yourself with the inevitable death of a beloved grandparent as a 20-something. This can be an exceptionally hard experience to cope with, especially if you were close to them. Do your best to keep some perspective: you’ll always have the fond memories of your grandparent, and you’ll always know that at least they didn’t betray you by removing your Baked Alaska from the freezer during a heat wave causing it to melt like another elderly individual did to one Iain Watters in episode three of their season of Great British Bake Off. Talk about a difficult experience!


Moving away from home.

Taking the first leap into a life independent from your hometown, friends, and family can be emotionally taxing even for the strongest among us. Homesickness combined with missing the people who you grew up around can make you feel very isolated and lonely. Additionally, the act of starting your life over is a daunting task. But it’s key to acknowledge that it pales in comparison to the task of having to watch Iain start his Baked Alaska over because of Diana selfishly moving his dessert out of the freezer to make room for hers and him running out of time to make a new one and binning it in frustration and getting sent home because of it. Devastating!


In your 20s, there’ll be good times and bad times. You’ll have experiences that will challenge you emotionally and help you to grow. But none that will cut as deep as witnessing the demise of poor, tragic Iain and his ruined Baked Alaska.