This Life-Changing Diet Is Just Pretending to Eat A Baby’s Belly

Dieting is hard, but Angela Ludvig has discovered the perfect way to make it fun! She’s pioneered the Yummy Nummy Method™, where instead of loading up on calories, dieters lift up the shirt of an adorable chunky baby and pretend to eat their belly.


Ludvig discovered the technique when she was babysitting her niece. “I’d always come up to her and say ‘ohhh I’m sooo hungry, what am I gonna eat?!’ before smushing my face into her stomach and going num num yum yum,’ while she screamed. And in the midst of doing that, I realized, ‘Wait, I’m not actually eating anything at all.’”


The practice of pretending to eat a baby’s belly while not actually eating led Ludvig to evolve a whole dietary practice around the fun. Practitioners of Ludvig’s technique channel all their hunger urges into pretending to consume the adorable, calorie-free belly of a tiny baby. And they’re seeing incredible results!



“Now when I tell my daughter I’m a hungry bear, I really feel like a hungry bear, you know?” says Amanda Staid, who’s been on the diet for one week and lost ten pounds already. “I’m really starving! But my baby loves it.”


“It’s nice to see people doing something for themselves, but also for babies,” says Ludvig. “Because babies are super cute. Especially when you’re pretending to munch on their bellies and they start giggling hysterically. I love that.”


Doctors say the diet may not be medically advisable. “I wouldn’t recommend not eating anything at all aside from pretending to eat a baby’s belly,” says Ellis Westwood M.D. “You could pass out or induce insulin resistance. Though I get why it would be fun to do that with the babies.”