Help! I Spent $60 on a Tarot Reading and She Didn’t Say My Ex Is Still in Love With Me

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I was always skeptical about psychics, but after seeing the hot girl from high school do a tarot reading on Instagram live, I decided to delve in deeper and find out what the fuss is all about. I eventually came across a popular local reader named Fortune Stella – she had a picture with Mickey Rourke so I knew she was the real deal. But I never could have known what would come next: that I would be brutally taken advantage of by paying full price for a Tarot reading and never once be told my ex Josh is still in love with me.


Now, I’m completely over my ex. He’s a narcissist who sucked up all my caring, empathic qualities and I’m doing way better than ever since being dumped three years ago, but I just wanted some reassurance in knowing I was the best thing that ever happened to him. Not so much to ask for from a spiritual guide and professional.


I was horrified as Fortune Stella brought up how I would be successful in my career, move by the sea and come into money with not one single mention of Josh. Is this legal? Is there a board of psychic certification that I can report her to?


After spending ten minutes blabbering on about my apparent success, she started to close up the reading. I asked her where she could see my love life in the future and to my dismay, she said that I would meet my twin flame eventually but not until I was more comfortable in my career and that I shouldn’t concentrate on love right now. I know she’s just reporting what the cards say, but is it possible Josh paid her off so I wouldn’t find out he’s still pining for me? Reach out to me if you have incriminating information vis-à-vis this Josh-Fortune Stella corruption ring.



Tarot card readings can be a dark and dangerous game. Sometimes you might hear something you don’t want to and other times you may be deceived and lied to just like me. But from all this, I learned that maybe we already have that psychic ability deep within ourselves already. At least, maybe I do. I knew that my intuition was telling me that my ex was still in love with me and maybe I no longer needed anyone else to guide me from now on. I had finally out-psyched the psychic.