The 5 Types of Meat You’ll Still Eat When You Decide to Go Vegetarian

Becoming a vegetarian is hard, so it’s important to remember that you don’t have to be 100% perfect when you’re just starting out. After all, changing your lifestyle can be a challenge, and it’s important to admit that now so that you don’t beat yourself up too much when you eat some meat later today. Here are some of the meats you’ll still eat after you start telling everyone you’re veg now.



Fish isn’t really meat, anyway. And what are you supposed to do, subsist solely on soy and hemp protein? Nah. You’re def gonna eat some fish at least once a week or so you might as well go buy some now.


Cured Meats

Someone spent a lot of time on these, so whatever. Enjoy some salty meat once and awhile. It’s not a big deal.



Everyone loves a big juicy steak, so it would be insane to swear it off for your entire life. Just have one on the rare occasions when you’re at a restaurant that serves steak. The rest of the time, you’re vegetarian.



Meat that’s in a Sauce

Sausage isn’t really the bulk of the meal when it’s part of a meat sauce or a lasagna or something. What’re you gonna do, not eat lasagna? No. You kind of have to eat it, so you might as well enjoy it. Plus you’re eating salad to balance it out.


Anything Someone Hands You

If you’re at a party with friends, you don’t want to be a buzzkill, so any piece of meat someone hands you is pretty much fair game. You can still call yourself a vegetarian. Whatever, it’s just this one time. Plus you’re drunk so maybe you just assumed it was a smart dog instead of a regular hot dog and then you kind of just kept eating it after you realized because it tasted good and you didn’t want to seem rude. This is kosher.


Vegetarianism is good for your body and good for the environment – it’s a great dietary habit to have! But no one’s perfect, so you’ll definitely still eat some meats along the way.