5 Vegetarian Dishes That Look Like Real Meat When You Burn Them

For vegetarians, summer is a challenging time! With all the barbecues and grill-outs, it can be tough to pass up a burger or hot dog. Luckily, you can make these tasty vegetarian dishes that will look as crispy and savory as real meat once you light your pan on fire and burn it to a crisp!


Veggie Burger

Make your own vegetarian burger patty by mashing together black beans, minced garlic, onion, egg, and whatever spices you like to make your veggie burger taste delicious! Then, take your homemade patty and throw it over the grill, leave it for about ten minutes, flip, and then spend fifteen minutes getting wrapped up in your phone. Now, your black bean burger patty should look almost like a real hamburger! You’re just like everybody else now!


Tofu Stir Fry

What’s easier to make than stir fry? Pan-sear some packaged tofu alongside your favorite veggies. Throw in zucchini, peppers, onions, and no vegetable oil whatsoever. Once you’ve completely charred your entire meal, everything in your pan will seem like little slabs of delicious sliced skirt steak. Even if it tastes like pure charcoal, it will look meaty as fuck!



Bagel Bites

This classic frozen snack is super easy to prepare! Just throw those mini pizza friends into the oven and bake away for 45 minutes, then forget about it until your kitchen is on fire. Mmmm, tastes like chicken! Meat-eating friends will love this one.



It’s a salad! How can you fuck that up? Easy! Throw all of your ingredients in a pan, douse it in lighter fluid, and take a match to that sad sack of cabbage. It’s totally all the same!


Just like that, you’re going to be the happiest vegetarian in all of the land! Your food won’t be edible, but at least you won’t look dumb. Enjoy!