4 Tasty Vegetarian Dishes That Are Just Grilled Cheese Again

As a vegetarian, it can be difficult to find new recipes that suit your diet. But there are so many delicious dishes that are meatless, easy to make, and are just grilled cheese for the sixteenth day in a row. Here are the best vegetarian dishes that really hit the ­– oh shit you’re eating grilled cheese again, aren’t you?


Veggie Quinoa Casserole

This recipe is so simple and fast to make. Simply combine your favorite roasted veggies, quinoa, cumin, chile powder, salt and pepper into a greased baking dish and bake for 10 minutes! No wait, stop pulling out bread, there’s no bread in this. Don’t spread butter on the bread just because you’re in the habit of making grilled cheese every single night. Sure, it’s fast but so is this casserole! Just make the casserole. Okay, fine I guess you’re gonna eat grilled cheese, huh.


Pizza-Stuffed Peppers

Slice open some green bell peppers, throw in some shredded mozzarella, some chopped vegetables of your selection, some garlic salt and VOILA! You’ve got a grilled cheese. No, sorry, a grilled cheese. How did it become grilled cheese? Is it possible to eat something else? Or is your vegetarian brain too tired and protein-deprived from answering questions like, “Ew, why are you a vegetarian?” Oh well, enjoy that grilled cheese and better luck next time!



A Bagel with Cream Cheese

Toast a bagel, then add cream cheese, maybe even capers and onions if you’re feeling fancy. Is this very different than a grilled cheese? No. But it’s not grilled cheese, so TECHNICALLY this counts as adding variety to your life. And also there’s a grilled cheese right next to the bagel, so just eat that when you’re done. Yay, you almost did it!


Grilled Butter Bread With a Melted Dairy Filling

Slather butter on the outsides of your favorite bread, stack it with a melty delicious dairy filling such as cheese, throw it on a pan or griddle, flip is over, then eat it. Just don’t call it a grilled cheese. Calling it “Grilled Butter Bread With a Melted Dairy Filling” will make it at least sound, if only to you, like you have managed to break the cycle of cheese guzzling. You haven’t. But maybe if you throw some pesto on the sandwich, people will be able to respect you as a person who eats real food for once!


These delicious recipes will be perfect to try anytime you want a quick and easy meal. But who are you kidding? Nothing’s quicker or easier than the food you could make in your sleep. And or course if anyone ever asks you why you’re not vegan, tell them to go fuck themselves immediately. Good luck out there!