100-Calorie Snacks to Eat 12 Of In One Sitting

Whether you’re looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle or just starting one today, it’s important to remember that portions are key. No food should be off limits as long as you limit how much you eat! Here are our favorite 100-calorie snacks to grab one of, finish, then eat 11 more immediately after:


A Bag of Skinny Pop

Skinny Pop is a light and crunchy treat that you can eat an entire bag of without feeling guilty. The guilt comes later, when you finish that bag and then eat all the other bags that came in the economy-sized bag, plus the bags your roommate bought for herself. Eat until you feel full from air-popped corn alone, which you never even thought was possible until now.


Trader Joe’s 100-calorie Belgian Chocolate

Dainty portions of chocolate, like these sold at Trader Joe’s, are a great way to get your chocolate fix. The slender bars come in packs of six, so remember to take home at least two boxes—you’re polishing off the first box just on the way home! Eating a small portion of candy will immediately remind you that this is not enough candy.


One Little Egg!

An egg can be prepared in multiple ways that allow it to maintain a 100-cal status. You can try this perfect protein scrambled or sunny side up, but tossing the whole dozen into a saucepan and hard-boiling them will make it much easier for you to shove each of them into your mouth, one by one, until you’re passed out on your couch and farting until dawn.



100-Calorie M&Ms

Just like the “Fun Size” M&Ms of Halloweens past, 100-calorie M&M packs are a hugely disappointing portion. These low-cal snack bags are an ideal treat only to tear through without breathing and ingest every bit of them until you come to in the middle of a Walgreens holding an extra large bag of M&Ms, not knowing your own name.


Next time you’re in the grocery store, make some good choices for yourself by picking up the 100-calorie packs of your favorite treats. Then quietly apologize to yourself for the bad choices you’re going to make when you get home. Good luck!