The Best Gifts Under $10 for Everyone You Don’t Care About But Can’t Cut Loose Quite Yet

It’s the holiday season, and it’s time to find the perfect gift for everyone that you care about. However, there are still some people you can’t quite let go of for various reasons, so why not buy them a kind of okay gift that costs less than $10? Here are six cheap gifts for everyone you don’t care about but can’t cut loose just yet.


Nail Polish

Nail polish is perfect for the person you really couldn’t care less about! It’s generic, because everyone has nails, and most people like to paint them. This is a great gift for that girl at work you got drinks with one time but didn’t have anything to talk about. You have to get her something, cause you run into her every so often and she says “We should hang.” Happy holidays!


Inspirational Pillow

This is an incredible gift because it doesn’t require you to know someone’s size. Just buy them a pillow with the word “DREAM” printed on it, and voilà! Who cares if they keep it, you’re never going to their house. You probably will have lost touch by next year. Done and done!



You don’t care about your cousin’s girlfriend, but you do know it’s getting colder and she has a head. Pick her up a beanie, because they’re cheap and you don’t give a shit about her. You can’t cut her loose until your cousin realizes he can do better, hopefully by next December. Yay!


Reusable Shopping Bag

Just pull this out from under your sink and you’ve got a present for the receptionist at your office. You don’t even know his name, but can’t cut him loose because you still want him to email you right when your food gets there. Until he quits, he’ll be getting shitty gifts from yours truly!



Luggage Scale

This lame gift is for that chick in your friend group who “travels for work” all the time. You’ve never asked her what she does, because you literally have no interest. Until she’s pushed out of the group, she’ll be getting a plastic device to weigh her luggage. So long for now, bitch!


Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

Pick up a burt’s bees lip balm, which you can get at any drugstore chain in the world. It’s perfect for a person with lips you don’t give a fuck about! Actually, keep this for yourself because it’s sort of nice?


There are six gifts under $10 for everyone you couldn’t care less about but can’t really push out of your life quite yet. If none of these feel right, just give them a $10 bill to stay out of your life!