The 15 Guys You’ll Only Date Two Of in Your 20s Because You Don’t Date That Many Guys

Your 20s are the perfect time to experiment. You can change you hair, your career, or your man to discover what is most authentically you. After all, dating lots of different types of dudes is the only tried and true way to figure out what really works for you in the relationship department – plus, it’s fun! Alternatively, you can date almost no one in your 20s because that’s just how you are and it’s actually really hard to meet good men in your 20s. No judgment! Here are 15 guys you’ll only date two of your 20s because you don’t date that many guys.


The Barista

A man who can rock your world and make you a deliciously strong cup of Joe! This free spirit with a job that’s not quite a real job is the quintessential guy that you would date in your 20s if you dated more guys in your 20s, which you won’t because that’s crazy.


The Guy In His 30s

When a guy who’s firmly in his thirties dates a woman in her early 20s, it definitely raises some red flags. Luckily for you, those flags can stay down because you will not date this guy. Look at you, avoiding creeps as if you’re some sort of woman who just doesn’t date that much! Honestly, 15 guys is a lot of guys!


The Finance Bro

Woof. This guy pronounces “finance” the British way, which is one of the many reasons you will not date him in your 20s, although you could if you dated more guys, which some girls do.


The Kind and Thin Nerd

Aw! A kind thin nerd makes a great boyfriend and guess what – you will date him! He’s one of two guys you will date in your 20s because to be honest you’re more of a long-term relationship kind of gal, except for when you’re single which is when you become completely and uncontrollably celibate!


The Overly-Protective Guy

Sometimes it’s nice to feel protected by a big strong man, but when he’s overly protective it can get old real fast. In your case, you’re the one doing the protecting by protecting yourself from this dude. He kind of reminds us of the one boyfriend you’ll have when you’re 25 though.


The Guy Who Calls You “Dude”

We’ve all dated or hooked up with a guy like this! Except for you because you’re just kind of busy right now focusing on your career and your family, etc. The truth is, this guy sucks! But you wouldn’t know that because you didn’t date him, you dated the guy who’s kind of like the other guy but not quite.


The High Maintenance Hipster

This is the guy who takes longer to get ready than you do. He cares a ton about his looks, owns a tweed jacket, and you will not date him in your 20s because you just don’t really date that much and you DEFINITELY don’t date hipsters, even if one wanted to date you!


The High-Powered CEO

This guy is young, successful, and not your boyfriend. You didn’t date him because you never met — you don’t get out much. And when you do, it’s not to places where a 24-year-old startup wunderkind goes to schmooze, obviously.


The Standup

Ok, yup, this is the other guy on this list you will date. Ugh. For someone who’s picky about dates, you really picked a dud here. Congrats.


The Male Feminist

Being a feminist is a good thing. But if you have to qualify with the word “male” then maybe you’re a bad person? You’ll come really close to dating this sensitive, woke, white man.


The College Freshman

There’s something sexy in a forbidden way about dating a younger man. But seeing as you don’t date a lot of guys, you’re not going to waste any time on a 19 year Econ major.



The TA

Every college woman gets hit on by a TA, it’s just a fact! But only some women date them. Not you, you don’t date a lot of guys, and you won’t date your TA. Or anybody else’s TA, or even just a guy who was a TA!


The Guy Who Looooooves Kids!

At first it’s so adorable how much this guy loves kids. But eventually it’s like, come on dude, you’re 24. Either way, you’re not gonna date this guy!


The Bad Guy

You will definitely not date this mysterious James Dean wannabe.


The One Who Was In Front Of You The Whole Time

Sometime we get so distracted by the crazy world around us that we miss the guy that was front of us the whole time. That’s why you date that standup instead of your nice friend who is literally in love with you.


There they are! The 15 guys you will totally date 2 of in your 20s because frankly, finding one man to date is exhausting. But that’s ok! You do you, and stay away from stand-ups!