Yes It’s A Pyramid Scheme, But The Leggings Are Great, So…

I know you all might have heard stuff lately about certain companies and how they’re a pyramid scheme and consultants are losing money and being forced to buy thousands of dollars of inventory just to get started, and then they never make it back and something about a billion-dollar, class-action lawsuit and blah blah blah whatever whatever. And that’s all true. But can I just be honest for a second? These leggings are worth it.


Like, I swear. Please, please, please buy some leggings.


Honestly, these leggings are so beautiful I could scream! I think it’s because I love what I do!! In fact sometimes I really do scream because I bought so many leggings! But I really do love it. I love my job! I get to make my hours and work from home! #leggings4evr #liveyourdreams #okwithit #seriouslythisisfine #thismommadeamilliondollarsworkingfromhome


Did I go to a nursing home Wednesday to push bold, comfortable tunic tops on fragile elderly women because I’ve tapped out the local market and my friends won’t talk to me anymore? Yes I did. Am I proud of myself? That’s not the point. The point is, have you felt how soft these leggings are? They’re like what cashmere would feel like if cashmere was made of cotton. You can see how much I love them because I spent literally my entire life savings on them. And let me tell you, it was worth it because these are the best leggings in the world. Leggings!


Yes, I know there have been reports that some consultants have had to “sell their own breast milk” just to get by because they were unable to move the merchandise, but I guess my question is like, “Do you feel how soft and luxurious these leggings are?” I’ve had no problem selling these leggings at all because frankly, the leggings are so good they sell themselves. I definitely don’t have 10,000 pairs of leggings in my basement. Like, I just don’t.



The truth is, running your own business isn’t for everyone. You have to really want it. You have to work hard. And you’ve got to believe in your product. For me, there’s nothing I believe in more than these leggings. Heck, I believe in these leggings more than I believe in my own husband. He knows it, and he gets it. Sometimes he wears the green leggings with the pineapples on it, because that’s how much he gets it. And that’s what I think this lawsuit is really about—people who think that LuLaRoe is a pyramid scheme vs. the people who simply haven’t noticed how gorgeous all the leggings are.


Actually, I just got a new shipment today and it’s in my car right now. Want to try some on? Or, do you want to buy 10,000 pairs of bright yellow fleur-de-lis leggings? Because I have those. They’re incredible. Don’t let the bad press spook you! Please buy all the leggings from my car or me and the leggings and the car are driving straight into the river! Bye!