Wow! This Woman Is The Mom Of Her Friend Group But The Helpless Baby Of Her Actual Family

Every friend group has the trademark “mom” who’s always taking care of everyone – but 21-year-old Maria West has taken on an impressive dual role by being the mom of her friend group and the helpless baby of her actual, nuclear family.


Talk about a power move!


In this unprecedented display of multitasking, West has proven that a single young adult can herd their drunk friends into an Uber after a rowdy night at the club, and mere hours later call mommy sobbing because they forgot how to properly fill out a W-2.



“Maria’s the best,” close friend Zoey Gillan said. “She makes sure we text her when we get home after a night out, and if I’m hungry she always has a granola bar handy in her purse. She’s only 21, but she really has her life together. She takes care of us!”


While Maria’s maternal instincts among friends have been proven time and time again, her helpless baby-like instincts are equally apparent in her interactions with her own mother, Catherine.

“Yesterday, Maria called me in a panic because she stepped in gum and I had to talk to her for a full 30 minutes before she calmed down enough to proceed with her day,” Catherine recalled. “On top of that, she texts me about every two hours asking how to perform menial, day-to-day tasks, and asks if I’ll transfer money to her bank account on a near-daily basis. None of my other children do this.”


Alongside tediously planning the logistics of weekly Sunday brunch with her gal pals, Maria regularly bombards her older siblings with complaints about her on-again, off-again boyfriend, a delicate balance which proves that fulfilling the “mom” role in a group of college juniors doesn’t mean you can’t have a good old-fashioned emotional breakdown while Skyping your parents on the floor of the unkempt apartment that they’re paying for.


It really is possible to have it all!